Our Heart Verse

14This gospel of the kingdom
will be proclaimed
throughout the whole world
as a testimony
to ALL NATIONS, and then
the end will come.

Matthew 24:14

Word from the Executive Chair


Dr. Michelle Liew

Executive Chairman

GLOBAL REACHOUT is committed to be a holy vessel, walking in the will of God and be led by the Holy Spirit to do God’s work among believers and seekers.

We will continue to connect to the world through today’s technology. In addition to producing programs in Chinese and English, we will also consider producing programs in other languages as led by the Spirit. Furthermore, we are actively partnering with churches, organizations and seminaries in global mission and engage Godly and biblical balanced speakers who are filled with the Holy Spirit and gifted in teaching to produce programs that impact lives.

We hereby invite brothers and sisters around the world to join us as the “Fishers of men and women” by firstly listening to our life-impacting programs and secondly sharing them with your friends, families and relatives through new media. We are currently reaching 25,000 subscribers everyday and we sincerely invite you to be our “Global Partners”, winning more souls for the kingdom of God in joint effort. Emmanuel!