Our Heart Verse

14This gospel of the kingdom
will be proclaimed
throughout the whole world
as a testimony
to ALL NATIONS, and then
the end will come.

Matthew 24:14

Weekday Programs

For Chinese-speaking Seekers


Sing Together

Sow seeds of gospel though songs, to enable the world sense the presence of God in our life and God’s work in the universe.

The World Today

Deliberate current affairs based on Biblical principle, to bring out the meaning of Gospel and the understanding of eternity.

Life Testimony

This is a true and living God. Building relationship with Jesus Chris will bring life transformation. What were they before? And, what are they now? Come and listen to their life testimonies.

Family Series

Explore the various issues and challenges facing in marriage and family, including marital relationship, parenting, teenager guiding and in-laws etc. Let’s build a truly joyful family.

For Chinese-speaking Christians


Worship in Air

Wherever you are, we may continue to worship the Lord in spirit and truth.

Abundant Life

Help Christians root in God’s Word and reap an abundant life.

Pastor in Three Minutes

Provide Q&A session for Christians and Pre-believers in the areas of doctrine, Bible and daily life applications.

Church History

By learning history, we come to realize our issues, church issues and world issues clearly like a mirror.


Spoken by Dr. Rev Caleb Su, on a series of programs including “Starting with New Heart”, “Gospel of Today Seekers”, “Religion of Today Christians” and “Value of Today Disciples”, to help Christians root on Bible, and build a life as disciples.

Workplace Strategy

A platform where the body of Christ in workplace may learn and discuss, and enable us all to be salt and light, to win back the lost mountains, and to give God His glory through our professions and workplaces.

For English-speaking Christians


Jesus Speaks

Why do Christians continue to get angry, get worried, get greedy and get lost in life? This cannot be the life Jesus calls us to! So, come and listen to this program and experience a radical change in your life!

Law vs Grace

Many are confused as to whether we live by Law or by Grace or both. Is it Law first then Grace, or Grace first then Law, or no Law only Grace, or only Law no Grace, or something else? Come and listen to this series and enable you to understand the important Truth.

Empowering Spirit and Christian Living

What are the personality, role and work of the Holy Spirit? How can we become Spirit-Filled, Spirit-Formed and Spirit-Fueled Christians and Ministers? Is it possible at all for us to live victoriously and serve vibrantly? Come and listen to Empowering Spirit and Christian Living.

For English-speaking Seekers


An Enlightened Life

Marriage, family and career is the basic scope of life. How do we encounter the leadership of the unseen God and life get enlightened? Come and listen to this testimony and get life enlightened too!

Divine Encounters @ Marketplace

Facing life challenges, encountering with deaths and managing career changes, how can God be still the center of his life? Come and listen to this program, and experience this true and living God!

No More Tears

How could a married couple struggled with betrayal, deceit, pain, failure and disappointment eventually rebuild true intimacy? Come and listen to this testimony that unveils the beauty and blessings when a couple holds on to truth and the blueprint of the marriage covenant.

From Darkness to Glorious Light

How could a spirit worshipper turned evangelist, lead a spiritual revival among the spirit-rooted K’cho people and beyond? Come and listen to the amazing testimonies and experience the power and love of God.

Dancing through the Seasons

Many say Jesus heals. What is it about? No operation and medicine, how is it possible? Come and listen to the testimonies of different women.


An amazing life testimony from being a grief-stricken bankrupt to a successful motivational coach, and from poverty of spirit to abundance in Christ. Come and listen to this amazing testimony and get encouraged!